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Events and Trade Shows: Tips for Attendees (Part 1)

Events and Trade Shows: Tips for Attendees (Part 1)

This article was contributed by Jessica Hernandez, an Employee-Owner and Events Marketing Specialist at The Blue Book Building & Construction Network®.

Attending industry events and tradeshows is a great technique for staying on the cutting edge of industry innovation and making lucrative new connections– but just being there is not enough. The preparation starts before you even arrive at the event and continues throughout the day:

  • Tie up loose ends at work—no distractions!—and know what you’re coming for. Check the event website regularly to see what new seminars and exhibitors have been added.
  • It’s easy to just walk a show floor picking up swag and enjoying free snacks. But don’t forget why you’re actually there—you invested your time in this for a reason. You’re looking for something new or to reconnect with a great product or company.
  • Make a list. Know in advance who and what you need to see, what questions you want to ask, or what you want to share.
  • Get the most out of attending by collecting business cards and product pamphlets. Write a quick note to yourself on these items so that you remember exactly why you were interested– you’d be amazed at how fast the little details get forgotten. 
  • Ensure all the work back at the office is done beforehand or it stays there. Put someone else in charge of projects on a deadline, for the day. You don’t want any distractions to keep you from taking advantage of any event benefits.

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