Connotate: How We Fuel The Blue Book Network®

Connotate: How We Fuel The Blue Book Network®

The following content was written by Josh Race from Connotate. The views below are those of the author.

The Blue Book Building & Construction Network® is the largest and most active network in the commercial construction industry. We provide valuable tools to streamline and manage the preconstruction process, including bid management, a free quote system, management support, continuing-education courses, comprehensive buyer’s guides, and more.

One of these tools is BidScope®, a search-engine used by architects, engineers, and contractors to find the right people to work with in the industry. With so many companies and contractors across the United States, we are focused on ensuring that our search-engine displays highly relevant and quality results. To do this, we monitor thousands of sites and extract any new information on a daily basis. This is accomplished using a web data extraction platform from Connotate.

We Monitor Thousands of Sites

We find the latest construction news and tender opportunities online by using Connotate’s data-extraction tools. We monitor thousands of sites, including directories, newspaper sites, and more, and add new resources on a daily basis. Once we find a reliable resource, we harvest the information and data to fuel BidScope®. The wide range of sources we are able to monitor, and the large amount of data we’re able to harvest, allows us to fuel our search-engine to provide the latest, most accurate information.

The Advantage of In-Home Web Harvesting

Because we perform all our data harvesting in-house, we know exactly where our data sources are, and whether or not they are reliable. Additionally, we’re able to respond very quickly when we find a new resource to monitor. This allows us to keep our search-engine current, accurate, and relevant to our clients.

The Ease of In-Home Harvesting

Connotate’s software is easy to use. It takes minutes to build an agent to monitor and harvest content from one of our resources, and the built-in change detection filters out content we’ve collected previously. Because of the simplicity of harvesting content, only two non-technical researchers are needed to manage the agents on a part-time basis. This allows us to focus our resources on other important aspects of our business.

Thousands of Sources Fuel Our Accurate Search Engine

With Connotate’s platform, we’re able to better serve you. We use 10,000 agents from Connotate to monitor the web for new tenders, bids, and news that fuels our project leads search engine. This allows you to find leads that are valuable and relevant to your business. We’re able to respond quickly whenever there’s a new public bidding lead, which means that as a BidScope® user, you find the latest, most reliable results when you search. The Connotate platform is innovative, and allows us to offer the latest and most accurate information to inform your business and get you the project details and information you need.


Learn more about The Blue Book Network®’s partnership with Connotate here.

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