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Content is NOT King – FRESH Content Is King

Content is NOT King – FRESH Content Is King

This article was contributed by Russell Winslow, an Employee-Owner and SEM/Paid Search Manager at The Blue Book Building & Construction Network®.

There is a common phrase among website owners and SEO professionals. The saying goes, “Content is King.”

It is meant to convey that having great content for your business’ website is the primary thing you should do for SEO. A website rich in content will attract search-engine spiders and provide more opportunities to be found over other sites with less content.

In theory, every page of content you publish provides a unique set of keywords to be indexed and presented to users in the form of a search result. Adding pages of content increases the overall amount of keywords your site can rank for, thus improving your ability to be found.

For a long time, this was great advice that worked well. However, the SEO landscape is always evolving and the strategy has changed, so now a better model to follow is this: “Fresh Content is King.”

Content is very important, but now search-engines look at the frequency with which a website changes. Your site may have great content, and you may have ranked well for some keywords. However, if you don’t update or add content to your site at least once a month, over time your rankings will decrease.

To maintain and improve your search-engine rankings, it’s important to keep your site content fresh. Many businesses accomplish this by adding a blog/news section to their site.

This is an easy way to avoid the trap of stale content. Most web hosting companies provide a utility to add a blog to your site. If they don’t, your webmaster should be able to easily set this up.

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