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4 Steps to Create a Digital Resume for Networking Events

4 Steps to Create a Digital Resume for Networking Events

Networking is a crucial component of growing your business. Getting face-to-face with your fellow industry members and telling your company story is a vital way of standing out from your competition. If you want to make the most of every networking opportunity, a website or digital resume can go a long way. Here are some of the many ways that a digital resume from ProView® can help you get ahead at your next industry event.

1. Research

Before creating your digital resume, visit to view the Showcase Calendar. Click on the Showcases near you and view the regional exhibitors you’d like to connect with.

The Who's Who Showcase

2. Prepare

If you have a company website, make sure that it is updated with your latest projects or products.


If you have a ProView®, fill out your page to share your qualifications and get hired or bought faster. Download and print a PDF of your qualifications to bring to the showcase (these are great for tradeshows or any type of event).

3. Follow Up

After the showcase, event, or tradeshow, follow up by sending an email to your new contacts. Attach a PDF of your ProView® Qualifications Brochure, accessible through your ProView® page.

Showcase Networking

4. Connect

Send your new contacts a referral request so that you can add them to your network.

ProView Referral Network

If you don’t have a ProView® and are interested in finding out more, please visit:

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