How Important is Your Social Media Presence to Your Contractor Based Business?

How Important is Your Social Media Presence to Your Contractor Based Business?

How Important is Your Social Media Presence to Your Contractor Based Business?

by Danielle Hegedus

These days, it’s rare for someone to just stumble upon your business. The contractors we work with here at Modernize frequently mention this—they don’t have the luxury of having a prominent office space that naturally lures clients in off the streets. And while word-of-mouth is still a great way to generate business, today that comes in the form of websites and apps that provide a platform for former clients to review your business.

It’s crucial to constantly push out updates about new offerings, share the testimonials of satisfied customers along with pictures of quality work, and provide insightful blog posts that demonstrate that you are a leader in your industry. Otherwise, you’re not just losing control of the narrative around your brand; you’re not even showing up as a blip on a potential customer’s radar.

You might be thinking, who wants to follow an Instagram account for a commercial pool builder? Or why should I invest time time in writing a blog for my website? Well, think again. Competition for a contract no longer starts with a face-to-face pitch. By the time you show up to meet with a prospective client, your online presence has made a first impression that will either bolster or squash your chances of securing their business. Read on to learn more about the importance of having a quality social media presence for your commercial contracting business.

Social Media Enables You to Build and Maintain Relationships with Clients

Most customers are happy to avoid talking on the phone with someone they don’t know—or someone they don’t necessarily trust about a subject that’s out of their depth. And then there’s the fear of having to negotiate a hard sell—after all, it’s why the online car sales business is booming. It’s much easier to peruse a company’s website to learn more about the work they do and then check out their Facebook or Instagram to see examples of their work and what their clients are actually saying. Plus, social media provides an almost anonymous, low-pressure avenue to ask questions. If a customer receives a quick, insightful response to a question posted on social media, they’re more likely to move forward with your company.

There’s also a bonus to featuring a customer’s finished product (with their permission) on your social media. Not only are you showing potential customers the quality of your work, but your already satisfied customer is likely to share your post with their network to show off their recent upgrade. With just one post and one share, you’ve elevated your brand and become a trusted service-provider to everyone in that customer’s circle. You may even gain followers, folks who may be on the cusp of starting a major project. And guess which company’s name is top of mind when they’re ready to pursue that project—the one that they see everyday in their social media feed!

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Advertising and Printed Materials are Expensive and Quickly Dated

Billboard, radio jingles, bus ads, and television commercials are all very effective ways to get your company’s name out there. But they’re all very expensive, and on their own they don’t really do anything to inspire consumer confidence. Plus, we live in a world today where most people stream their television and music, which enables them to completely avoid commercials. And most people don’t want to be bogged down by paper, which means you’ve invested in a graphic designer, photographer, printing, and possibly even a writer for a very small return on your investment.

Your social media, on the other hand, can be updated in real-time. Offering a new service or promotion? In just a few minutes, all of your web presence can be updated to reflect that, and for those who subscribe to your feed, they’ll be instantly notified—so no cold calling! And while you may keep a consistent brand in terms of colors used or your logo, your social media (unlike advertising or printed collateral) can be updated to always give your customers something new to see—a recently finished project, an award from a local builder’s association, etc.

Finally, Social Media Allows You to Network with Other Contractors

A lot of companies may hesitate to put too much information about their business out there for fear of copycats. The truth is, though, if you have a good product and do great work, it’s more likely that other businesses will find ways to collaborate with you for mutual benefit. For instance, maybe a roofing company loves the work that you’re doing with solar panels and wants to connect you to clients who are looking to go green. Or maybe you develop a relationship with a company that does similar work to you, but you work on different scale projects. In that case, you may develop a healthy referral process that assures a wide variety of customers get their needs met, while you’re getting great leads and winning the respect and trust of your peers in the industry.

About the Author: Danielle Hegedus is an Atlanta based writer. She is an experts on writing topics surrounding replacement windows for Modernize Windows, as well as a variety of lifestyle and commercial construction websites. Danielle recently finished her first cookbook as well.

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