How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile as a Contractor

How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile as a Contractor

How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile as a Contractor

by Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel

If you take the time to look through the most profitable contracting firms’ webpages, you’re not likely to find the tired business cliche “No job is too big or too small.” Instead, these companies tend to have a very specialized practice with a clearly articulated vision of how they can assist their customers. But how were they able to define themselves so acutely, and how can you manage to do the same? To answer this question, you have to understand the goals of your corporation and what you do best. This will become the basis of how you choose to market your business, and—more importantly—to whom. By knowing what problems you solve and who your ideal customer is, you can develop a plan to attract those clients with a message that is on point.

Survey Yourself

An ideal customer profile does more than just tell who is most likely to utilize your services; it also allows you to know who your ideal customer is not. Dedicate the time now to answer these questions honestly, and you will save your energy—and money—later by not chasing an unattainable or unwanted client.

  • What sets you apart from your competition?
  • What do you excel at?
  • What does your competition currently do better than you?
  • Whom do you enjoy working with? Whom do you loathe working with?
  • What projects make you the most excited? The most stressed?
  • What commercial enterprises were the most profitable?

identify your ideal customer profile as a contractor

Survey Your Clients

Knowing how you operate is only half the equation. You have to know how your firm is perceived by your client base to truly get the full picture on how best to market yourself to potential customers. If you already have an established client base, then reach out to previous and current customers to find out their impressions on your work product and business methods. Allow them to elaborate on answers, rather than strictly giving a yes or no response, in order to garner as much useful information as you can.

  • How did previous clients find your company?
  • Who have been repeat customers and why?
  • How do your clients prefer to be contacted?
  • What social media platforms do these customers utilize? And would they research potential contractors there?
  • Was it easy to learn about your company and get in contact?
  • What is their business?
  • How long have they been in business?

Build Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Usually all it takes to construct your ICP is to see what your best clients have in common and compare that to what motivates you. Whether it’s a similar commercial enterprise or the size of the business or the area where the projects are erected, each profile should be broad enough to represent multiple corporate segments, but specific enough to aid you in building a strong marketing strategy.

For most of us, the best way to grow our business is simply by being excited to get to the office every day. By working with your ideal customer on a daily basis, you’ll be able to give yourself the best opportunity to do just that.

About the Author: Courtni Wisenbaker-Scheel enjoys writing professionally for the HVAC leads experts at Modernize HVAC. She strives to connect homeowners with big home improvement projects to qualified heating and cooling contractors to make their dream home a reality.

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