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How to Avoid a Common Pitfall of Multiple Web Platforms

How to Avoid a Common Pitfall of Multiple Web Platforms

This article was contributed by Russell Winslow, an Employee-Owner and SEM/Paid Search Manager at The Blue Book Building & Construction Network®.

Keep your online presence on other websites updated

Most people forget that their online presence extends past their website – don’t fall victim to this trap!

We often forget how our online footprint can extend to many platforms that we might try out and then abandon, such as a new social network or company directory. While it’s a great idea to test new platforms to promote your company, you must make sure you track these platforms and keep their content up to date.

For example: You have a Google+ page, but stopped using it or stopped sharing content there. Are your company’s details accurate to help users find more info about your business? Are you missing out on the chance to communicate with prospects that may be connected to you on other sites?

To help maintain your online presence on other websites we recommend you create a spreadsheet to track all external sites you access that have information about your company and monitor your online presence at these sites by checking each one once a month to ensure they are updated.

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