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ONETEAM Pro Services: Closing the Gaps Between Professionals

ONETEAM Pro Services: Closing the Gaps Between Professionals

The Blue Book Building & Construction Network® is proud to announce the launch of a new initiative. Our goal has always been to help create connections within the commercial construction industry, and there is a new service that will help accomplish this: ONETEAM Pro Services, a program whose goal is to connect professionals with the service providers they need.

ONETEAM Pro Services

Whether you are a facility/property manager, real estate developer, general contractor, corporation, university, or operations/procurement organization, it goes without saying that a wide array of services is needed in order to perform work efficiently. Completing projects and maintaining properties in a timely and orderly fashion requires constant communication.

ONETEAM Pro Services is an entirely complimentary service which includes a concierge group of professionals dedicated to closing the communication gaps and moving the industry forward in 2017. The concierge group’s mission is to handle service contracts, send private invitations to bid, deliver rapid responses to RFIs, RFPs, and RFQs, and to liaise with emergency and maintenance services on behalf of anyone requiring those services. They are able to perform these tasks in large part due to their access to the largest database of over one million contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as state of the art communication tools.

As the commercial construction industry advances and incorporates new technology, professionals need to have instant access to up-to-date contacts and qualification details for service providers on a national and local level. The ONETEAM Pro Services Team is ready to make those connections.

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