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Product Update: ONETEAM® Bid Submittal

Product Update: ONETEAM® Bid Submittal

This article was contributed by Jessica Hernandez, an Employee-Owner and Events Marketing Specialist at The Blue Book Building & Construction Network®.

The latest product update is here from ONETEAM®, The Blue Book Network®’s bid management and collaboration system: ONETEAM®’s improved “Bid Submittal” option enables subcontractors to send a personal message with their bid and to submit better, more complete bids.

ONETEAM® Bid Submittal

A subcontractor submitting their bid through ONETEAM® can provide context with bid numbers to demonstrate their experience and expertise. The added context will convey that they fully understand the project scope, which may help them beat the lowest bidder.

This not only increases the amount of bids a general contractor can receive, but also improves the quality so they can make considerations without concerns. Once a subcontractor uploads their proposal or uses the new bid template set in ONETEAM®, they are sent directly to the general contractor’s Activity Stream along with an email notification.

The next round of new features will enable general contractors to “Tag” and “Group” their vendors by specific qualifications for quick project assignment.

Experience ONETEAM® for yourself with a demo at

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