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5 Reasons Your Website Should Be Smartphone-Ready

5 Reasons Your Website Should Be Smartphone-Ready

This article was contributed by Gary Tiratsuyan, a Marketing Automation Specialist at The Blue Book Building & Construction Network®.

Nowadays, professionals across all industries rely on their smartphones more than the traditional desktop, laptop and even tablets. This includes conducting research on potential business deals and partnerships they may have in the works.

What does this mean for your construction business? If you have a site, it should be fully mobile optimized. If you don’t have a site, in order to grow your business and be seen, you should build one, and ensure visitors can easily read and digest the content you are delivering.

  • A fully mobile optimized site will ensure the user (or in this case, the reader) has a better experience when conducting research on potential companies they want to work with. These “buyers of services” are on the go, and chances are, they are researching “on-the-go.”
  • The easier it is to read your content, about your business, the services you offer, and how to contact you, the longer the visit time to your site. With longer time on the site, comes an increased chance that you will be chosen for services or products.
  • “Buyers” of services or products are looking to make a decision. The easier you make it for them to access your site and soak in all the great offerings, the higher the likelihood your company will be their choice. A mobile optimized site loads quickly and prevents a buyer from abandoning you as an option.
  • To increase your chances of being found on Google, and improve your search engine optimization (SEO), it is strongly recommended that your site is mobile responsive. That recommendation comes from Google. And in the world of SEO, if Google wants it, you should do it.
  • Gain the competitive advantage you need over others in your industry. A great first step is to again, deliver the content on your site in a way that is easily accessible and readable.

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