Proving Your Integrity: How to Show Clients that Your Construction Business is Trustworthy

Proving Your Integrity: How to Show Clients that Your Construction Business is Trustworthy

Proving Your Integrity: How to Show Clients that Your Construction Business is Trustworthy

by Danielle Hegedus

Looking for a way to make your business stand out in a crowded field? Whether you’re doing your own research, or you have engaged a consulting company to help guide you, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this goal. For instance, you may want to invest in premium advertising like television or radio. You could also spend a lot of time and money developing your brand—including a distinctive logo, web presence, and tagline. But here at Modernize, we know all too well that no matter what your personal preference, a sense of integrity is what will keep your clients coming back to you in the future. So whether you have a staff of 500 or 5, here’s how to demonstrate that your business is trustworthy to new customers—and maintain that reputation.

First, Provide Plenty of Positive Customer Testimonials

You can allow potential clients to assess your work first-hand by installing a professional sign that promotes your business outside of in-progress or recently completed construction. When construction is complete, you’ll want to collect positive testimonials—and not just about your customer’s level of satisfaction with the finished product, but also about what it was like for them to work with your company. Make sure these testimonials can be easily accessed on your website and your social media. Work extra hard to secure these positive recommendations from respected members of your community.

As a bonus, implement a quote from a C-suite executive, the leader of a professional association, or an elected official if possible. Whether it’s about how your company has the most innovative designs, or works collaboratively with the client, it’ll carry much more weight with prospective customers than a review from an unknown person.

proving your integrity

Hire Staff that Represent You Well

As the business owner or team lead, you won’t always be available on-site to answer customers’ questions. Since each person on your team represents your company, their appearance, behavior, and actions can make a positive or negative impression on your client.

So whether you have a large team of full-time staff who have been with the company for a long time, or you have mostly day-laborers, it’s important to set the tone for what is appropriate on the job site. One way to do this is to insist on a consistent uniform for employees. This will vary depending on the climate you operate in and the type of work you do, but all employees should have clothing that looks the same and bears your company name. This will help clients know that the right people are on the job site—an important concern when it comes to security. If you have a regular set of employees, adding their name to their uniform will help build familiarity and accountability for the client as well.

 Finally, Always Under Promise, Over Deliver

What are clients most often concerned about when it comes to their construction project? Three things: 1) going over budget; 2) how long the project will take; and 3) that their vision for the finished project is not aligned with what your company can deliver.

Meeting your clients’ expectations when it comes to these three areas can be tough because a lot of elements—like delays caused by weather or back-ordered materials—are out of your control. It’s important to do all you can to anticipate these challenges and build provisions in your timeline and budget to account for them. After all, nothing is going to make your client happier than telling them that you are finishing earlier than expected and that you were able to save them some money on the project. And happy clients mean a successful business!

About the Author: Danielle Hegedus is an Atlanta based writer. She is a regular contributor to the replacement windows experts at Modernize as well as a variety of lifestyle and commercial construction websites.

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