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Social Media Tip: Say More With Less

Social Media Tip: Say More With Less

Social Media Tip: Say More With Less

This article was contributed by Brian Funicelli, an Employee-Owner and Senior Specialist, Social Media at The Blue Book Building & Construction Network®.

Social media is a great place to find news, updates, or any kind of interesting information. However, it can get a bit overwhelming. There’s a lot of noise out there on the internet, so if you’re sharing a piece of content, you’ll want to make sure it can be quickly and easily consumed.

One of the things that makes Twitter unique is its character limit. You can only use 140 characters when composing a tweet. Once you’ve hit 140 characters, you can no longer add to your tweet. While this can be a bit painful if you have a lot of information you’d like to share, the character limit forces users to be brief with the content they share. It also encourages creativity, pushing users to think of quick and succinct ways to get their message across.

In the fast-paced world of online interaction, 140 characters are more than enough to attract and keep someone’s attention. That’s why it’s typically a best practice to try to keep your social posts to under 100 characters when possible. While Twitter allows for 140, using even fewer is a good way to try to cut through the noise, get your point across, and encourage interaction with your content. This 100-character rule can apply to other platforms as well, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


Blue Book Network Tweet - Short



Blue Book Network Facebook Post - Long

In short, keep it short and sweet. Long blocks of text are likely to be scrolled past and ignored. Say what needs to be said in as few words as possible, while still maintaining the primary concept of the content you’re sharing.

Also, don’t forget to add an image!

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