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Events and Trade Shows: Tips for Exhibitors (Part 2)

Events and Trade Shows: Tips for Exhibitors (Part 2)

This article was contributed by Jessica Hernandez, an Employee-Owner and Events Marketing Specialist at The Blue Book Building & Construction Network®.

Going to industry events and trade shows as an exhibitor is an excellent way to get your name out in front of a whole new audience. We’ve got more tips for exhibitors to maximize the effectiveness of your booth– and check out Part 1 for more showcase exhibitor tips.

Tip #2: It’s All About the Team

Putting together the event team who can be trusted to deliver the proper message for your company is just as important as the materials at the booth. If the big banners and displays, or the cash prize giveaway, don’t reel them in then it’s all on the performance and perception of the staff.

Know your staff’s strengths—a good field employee may not be the best at speaking to the business. If you think someone needs training, approach them.

Key Pointers for Exhibitor Booth Staff:

  1. Know the company background, needs and goals.
  2. Be outgoing and assertive folks; don’t be afraid to pull attendees in.
  3. Make a good first impression with a friendly greeting.
  4. Welcome questions and ask a few yourself. Get to know these visitors.
  5. Open body language is key! For example: standing with arms crossed over the chest is a sure way to intimidate people.
  6. Keep phones hidden or risk looking bored and disinterested.

Lastly, remember the booth should never be left unstaffed.

This is, most likely, a company initiative that could be profitable in the end. Everyone should take it seriously.

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