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Why Your Marketing Plan Needs Direct Mail

Why Your Marketing Plan Needs Direct Mail

The following content was written by Amy Timpano, an Employee-Owner and Product Marketing Specialist at The Blue Book Building & Construction Network®.

Don’t underestimate the power of direct mail marketing. In today’s age where digital inboxes are flooded, landing in a prospect’s mailbox with a unique piece of mail can do wonders for building your brand awareness. Unique is key and you shouldn’t be afraid to think outside of the box and beyond postcards.


Wouldn’t it be a treat, and wouldn’t you remember the company and brand if you got a fun and interactive piece of mail from them? Think brightly colored envelopes, or something uniquely shaped, like a box or tube. It’s certainly not every day that I receive a box in the mail, so I would be sure to open it and I bet you would too.


When a prospect receives a piece of direct mail it gives them to the opportunity to establish a physical bond with your brand that they’re not able to do with an email, especially if you’re sending a branded promotional item that they can keep and use every day.

Direct Mail


Direct mail doesn’t always have to work independently and separately from your email campaigns. Following up an email campaign with a piece of direct mail to those who opened the email, only strengths the prospect’s relationship with your brand and creates a warmer lead.

The options and opportunities for direct mail are endless (if it can legally be mailed, that is!). Have fun thinking outside of the box, or in some cases inside the box.


One final tip for direct mail: It’s always best to use a unique phone number and URL on any direct mail, so that you can track the success of the piece.

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